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Literally The Polariod Of Perfection

She has everything and she'll give it to you in a second

ex beauty
16 December
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i used to be a lot of things. now im jus me.
6 packs, acorns, alcohol induced parents, alice in wonderland, angles, babies, baby showers, bad dreams, bangles, barbies, baseball, baths, beautiful people, big dogs, big houses, big yatches, black and white movies, blonde boys, blondes, bon fires, boxers, boys voices that squeek, brad pitt, bronzer, bruises, bubbles, catier, charlie, chingy, christ, clever boys, clueless, cold air, crows, crying, cupcakes, day dreaming, diamonds, dmx, doctors, dolls, dr. suess, dragonfly wings, dry humor, duchesses, fall, father figures, flow, fones, freshly dyed hair, garage bands, gardening, gay guys, getting paid, gogo boots, grass, guns, gypsys, heels, horror, hot cars, houses for sale, hunting, i heart tee shirts, incense, insanity, jungle life, kool aid, lightening, lipstick, marilyn monroe, michael ian black, milkshakes, miniture horses, mitchel, mix cds, motherly friends, movie posters, museums, muts, my bed, mystery, naps, nelly, nemo, new computers, new jeans, oakland a's, old navy employees, old photos, parties, paul frank, pearls, pebbles, perfume, pig tails, pink, pj pants, ponds, pretty bras, prom dresses, pumps, rain, random waves, razor cuts, red toe nailpolish, ribbons, ricky, royalty, rusty, salsa dancing, scary movies, sea, skirts, sleeping in hotel rooms, smiling, smudged eyeliner, soundtracks, stars, strawberries, sunsets, surprises, talking on the phone, tanning, tattoos, tears, thank you cards, the bible, the idea of heaven, the moon, the renessance festival, the smell of bleach, the smell of paint, tiny hand writting, uncles, uptown, valentines, vampires, wall paper, weddings, what lies beneath, will and grace, x's and o's, zoos